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DNNKA was started by a group of reformed door-to-door salespeople. We believe that consumers should have a legally binding right to decide whether or not they will receive for profit solicitations at their doors. Our unifying  mission to have a National Do Not Knock List passed into law, brings together people from all walks of life, races, religions and political affiliations for a universally beneficial and supported cause. We are NOT anti business, individual or economy, we just want consumers to have the right to choose the forms of marketing they receive from for profit companies at their homes. Just like the National Do Not Call List, this law will only apply to for profit companies and NOT organizations like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, religion or those running for office.

DNKAA Better Together


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Nina Murphy

Nina Murphy, CPO

As a woman who worked in the door-to-door industry, I never felt comfortable knocking on stranger's doors for a living. I'm happy to now be on the right side of this issue! I look forward to helping get the National Do Not Knock Registry law passed.

David Eargle

David Eargle, CMO

As a former college athlete, I learned the value of persistence which has carried over into my professional career in the tech industry and as an entrepreneur. I'm looking forward to applying that same tenacity to DNKAA's Mission!

Ron Murphy

Ron Murphy, COO

As a reformed door knocker who retired from a large "Big Knocks" firm in Maryland after 20 years, I've seen first hand the inconvenience and discomfort that it causes. I'm looking forward to this noble fight, one that we will win!

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